Top 7 Free File Recovery Tools For Windows In 2020

Are you worried about losing your valuable data? Need to know how to recover deleted files? So, if this is the case, you need not worry about it. Luckily you are at the right place. In this article, you will know about the best windows 10 file recovery softwares. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about this.

Your hard drive is often crashed due to sudden power failure. Similarly, your files can be deleted by a virus attack. Therefore, if you own a running business, it is most important to recover your deleted files. You can get back your lost or deleted files by running our recommended best free data recovery software.

Furthermore, you would also know the features and benefits of each data recovery software. The recovery of the deleted files is not rocket science. If you have basic computer knowledge, you can use these file recovery software easily. So, first thing first, let’s get started with an overview of each.

1. Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill is one of the most reliable data recovery software you can trust. The software offers a user-friendly interface. World well-known companies use the software for deleted file recovery. The software supports both Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, or Vista & Mac operating systems.

Moreover, Disk Drill uses multiple techniques and professional-grade recovery tools. This strategy is very useful to find deleted or lost data. Meanwhile, it identifies the types of files and helps you restore them. Also, recovery of any file i.e. video, images, documents, or audio files is possible. As a result, you can recover the deleted file in two different ways i.e. quick and deep scan. Disk Drill offers recovery up to 500MB of lost data for free. Other benefits of the Disk Drill recovery software are:

  • The software has a friendly user interface.
  • Recovery of data from a number of devices like Hard drive, USB, SD card, or Andriod/ iPhone.
  • Disk Drill supports all file systems: FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and HPFS.

2. EaseUS® Data Recovery Wizard

On our recommended list, EaseUS® free data recovery software is the second-best tool. The software provides quick and complete file recovery. Don’t worry, If you have accidentally formatted your Hard drive, USB, or SD card. This magical file recovery software will restore it as it never deleted. Secondly, another unique feature of this free data recovery software is repairing corrupted files. Whether it be MP4 videos or JPEG images, you can certainly get these in the original format. The key benefits of the software are:

  • Pause or resume data recovery during the recovery process.
  • Quick and deep scan functionality.
  • Searched items are tagged into groups to locate the desired file quickly.

3. Stellar Data Recovery.

Stellar Free data recovery software

Stellar data recovery software for Windows is a free data recovery tool. The software is proven to be very effective. It offers some advanced features which make it the ultimate solution for easy and quick file recovery.  This file recovery software’s user interface provides deep searches, various file-type library, and detailed scan capabilities. Likewise, Stellar Data Recovery enables users to restore deleted, lost, and inaccessible data. It supports all Windows compatible devices including a hard drive, USB, SD card, and almost any other storage device. The key benefits of the software are:

  • Easy two-step recovery process i.e. what to recover and where to recover.
  • The software offers free 1 GB data recovery.
  • Built-in preview function so that you can view recovered files
  • The software also offers the repair of corrupted videos or images.
  • Meanwhile, You can also restore files from lost or even crashed partition

4. Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery

Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery software

If you are tired to recover your deleted or lost file, and thinking to quit, wait for it. Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery is your last and final hope. Most importantly, the software is used by millions of people in over 150 countries across the globe. Secondly, this free data recovery software restores more than 1000 file formats. Also, it is capable of recovering the formatted or accidentally deleted data from various devices. With the deep scan ability, it is the most reliable file recovery software you ever tried.

Additionally, the software provides recovery of accidentally deleted, formatted, and inaccessible data. It supports various Windows compatible devices like PC, laptop, mobile phone & USB drive, SD card, iPod, MP3/ MP4 player, etc.

5. Advanced Disk Recovery

Advance Disk Recovery free software

Advanced Disk Recovery is one of the best options for personal and business needs. This data recovery software’s user interface has a professional touch. So that it can give quick and reliable file recovery results. Further, file recovery is possible from multiple storage devices like PC, laptop, USB, memory card, digital camera, and other external storage devices. Above all, not only it helps recover lost or formatted data, but it can also repair damaged or corrupted videos or images. Using advanced disk recovery, you can recover any file type, whether high definition video or high-resolution images. This powerful software can locate and restore deleted data. The important key features of the software are:

  • The software offers a summary of deleted items with the ability to preview.
  • You can save the scanning process even it is not completed for later review.
  • The faster and simple two-step method for 100% reliable recovery.

6. MiniTool Power Data Recovery 

This free data recovery software supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. So if you have deleted some valuable files, this tool helps you to recover data though emptied from the recycle bin. Data recovery is possible from diverse partition formats like NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32. Additionally, MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports multiple storage devices such as hard disk, SD card, USB, Zip, iPod, and other storage media.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a powerful software for reliable recovery. It restores all formatted or lost files from a hard drive or removable storage devices. Moreover, It can also recover if your operating system gets crashed due to malware/virus infection.


  • Data recovery from damaged hard drives.
  • Regain lost files, quickly
  • Retrieve data lost from partition
  • Three steps towards recovery, select, scan, and recover.

7. Recuva

Recuva Free data recovery software

If you have lost some important files due to a sudden system crash, or by chance deleted it, fret not. Recuva free windows file recovery software will recover all deleted or lost files in just a few clicks. Recuva data recovery has a built-in advanced deep scan ability. This feature makes it an ultimate file recovery software. It can recover files on your hard drive, USB, memory cards, mobile phones, iPods or MP3 players, etc. Additionally, The software allows you to search and preview deleted files from NTFS and FAT volumes.

Features :

  • The Recuva software is easy to use for faster recovery.
  • It has both a free and low-cost professional version.
  • The data recovery is possible for a formatted or crashed drive.

To sum up, we certainly conclude that the data recovery of lost or deleted files is possible. The free data recovery software can restore the deleted files with maximum efficiency. Furthermore, You can also go for the Pro version of any software for better file recovery. However, you must have a backup of valuable data. To do that, you can use cloud-based storage services. In our next article, we will tell you about the best cloud-based storage services.

If you want to learn how file recovery works under the hood, click here.

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