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Have you deleted your most memorable photos or an important business deal files? Still, searching to find the best match for deleted file recovery? Catch the next wave. Recuva data recovery software can restore all your deleted files. There may be a case if your storage media is inaccessible due to physical or logical damage. Again, Recuva is here to help you recover the lost data.

Let’s get down to business and start with the description and other aspects of the software. In this article, you will also know the key benefits and important features of the Recuva software. On the other hand, you will also learn the step by step procedure of file recovery.

Recuva - Image and File Recovery

The Best Ever Solution for Deleted File Recovery

Recuva is a ‘free’ software suite. You can use most of its features without any cost. However, the Premium version of the software offers additional features. The Recuva software application is specially designed to restore the files from multiple devices. Therefore, you can use this software on any Windows compatible device. Moreover, the deep scan function of Recuva performs bit by bit scan. So, the chances to recover the deleted files are even more.

Similarly, there are several devices on which Recuva put the spell and recover the deleted data. These are hard drives, USB, memory cards, and android/Ipods, to name a few.

How Recuva Performs Deleted File Recovery

The files once deleted from a storage device, typically are not removed immediately from the drive. Only the reference to them in the directory structure Master File Table (MFT) marks it as deleted. So, the deleted file remains available until overwritten by other files.

Recuva has a built-in advanced deep scanability, and the recovery of deleted files is just moments away. The software performs a deep scan of each sector of the storage media. During a deep scan, it looks in the MFT for files marked as deleted. If the space engaged by the deleted file is not overwritten, the software detects it and performs recovery.

Recover Any File Type From Any Storage Media

People often delete files to get some extra space. Or they delete the files by mistake. Whatever the case may be, Recuva is there to get your deleted files. The software conducts sector-based recovery. It supports a diverse range of devices and looks for lost files. Whether it’s your hard drive, USB, memory card, Android phone, or iPod. The file type doesn’t matter for Recuva. It can recover images, videos, documents, email data, or audio files.

Simple User Interface

Another fantastic feature of Recuva is that it has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, It is quite efficient and guides you for the file recovery process through a simple and easy wizard. It’s super-fast to install and to run. You select a drive, and Recuva will scan for deleted files. It works on both FAT and NTFS file systems.

Delete for a Good Reason

People often have some concerns about their personnel files. Therefore, they want the permanent deletion of the files from storage media. Recuva offers top-notch and military-standard file removal methods. As a result, your files are deleted securely with 100% accuracy. Feel the trustworthy satisfaction from Recuva and go for file deletion without any hesitation.

Get 4 on the price of 1

The Free version of Recuva uses the same technology as the pro version, However, the Pro version has some key benefits. if you buy the pro version now, you will get following three additional apps on the price of one:

  • Virtual hard drive support
  • Automatic updates
  • Premium support

Secondly, Recuva has announced a limited time offer for buying a pro version. if you buy now the Recuva Professional Data Recovery Tool, you will get additional apps on $29.95 and save $10. Go and grab your copy now.

More Things to Know About Recuva

The latest version of Recuva has some advanced features. It supports Ext4 and Ext3 file systems with improved technology techniques. Moreover, it offers an enhanced drive detection system. In addition to that, the software has a huge list of file types on its credit. Some of them are:

  • Image files with file extension: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP
  • Text file: Microsoft Office: DOC /DOCX, XLS /XLSX, PPT /PPTX, PDF, RTF, VXD
  • Audio files having file extension: MP3, MP2, MP1, AIF, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, M4A
  • Video files with file extension: MOV, MPG, MP4, 3GP, FLV, WMV, AVI
  • Compressed file types: RAR, ZIP, CAB

The Step by Step Guide to Recuva Wizard

Once you download the Recuva data recovery software, run the application to install. The Recuva setup will launch and install in the destination location. After the completion of the setup, it will prompt you to run the scan process.

Recuva user interface makes it easy to scan a specific file type. The two-step recovery process simplifies your search query, i.e., what to find and where to find. In addition to that, you can also select the desired file type. You can also select “All Files,” and the software will search for the entire deleted files.

The scan process is faster if you know the exact file location. However, the software will scan the entire drive for possible data recovery if you are not sure.

Scan Process of Recuva

The scan process of Recuva consists of 3 steps. The first step is scanning the drive for deleted files. The second step is analyzing damage, and the last one is analyzing the content.

After completion of the scan process, the software shows you the results. Just click on your desired file and recover it. That’s it. Isn’t it effortless?

Final Thoughts

The selection of the right data recovery tool might sometimes be overwhelming for you. However, recovering the deleted data without suitable recovery software is like putting the cart before the horse. Most importantly, your precious data matter for you or someone else. So, you must go ahead and select the best Free data recovery tool for reliable restoration of deleted files.

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