MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software


MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a free file recovery and data recovery software.  You might be scratching your head after deleting an important file. Fear not, check out this free file recovery tool. The software works efficiently on Windows and MAC Operating Systems. This free data recovery software is a blend of some advanced data recovery tools. Moreover, the software has both free and premium versions. So you can recover unlimited data.

The MiniTool Power Data Recovery tool is not only for advanced users. But everyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use it. So, you don’t miss your precious data. It’s super-fast recovery tools makes it even more powerful. As a result, you can recover all your lost data in no time.

Never Worry about your Lost data

Are you still wasting money on buying complex software? With MiniTool Power Data Recovery tool, file recovery is as easy as a piece of cake. It has a user friendly and easy to use interface. The software can recover data from many storage devices.  It can be your damaged HDD or SSD. Moreover, the software can also recover from external storage devices like USB drives or memory cards. Additionally, it can recover from multiple partition formats like NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32.

A Smart Tool To Simplify Your Data Recovery Process

Forget about file type if you’re on board with Minitool data recovery software. This unique software has excellent file format support and recognition. You can recover videos, images, documents, and much more. Whether you’ve deleted files by mistake or by a virus attack, you will get it back. It’s okay if you know the lost file type. However, the software can also automatically scans the entire drive or partition. As a result, you have a vast list of recovered files. Just select the desired file, and retrieve it. The recovery process is straightforward. Only select, scan and restore.

Advantages of using MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software

This remarkable software has some key advantages. The software is a free edition. As a result, this has made it an ultimate software for data recovery.  This free version lets users first ascertain the software features before going for the paid version. Most importantly, the top business level companies are also admiring this startling data recovery software. Have a look at these software features:

  • Free data recovery up to 1 GB.
  • You can use it without any technical knowledge.
  • Multiple options for data recovery. Some of them are:
  • Damaged Partition Recovery
  • Lost Partition Recovery
  • Digital Media Recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP


  • The paid version of the software is more expensive than other available software.
  • Although its user interface is friendly, yet it lacks a professional appearance.

In-depth Analysis of Recovery theme

  • Damaged Partition Recovery: This feature extract data from inaccessible drives.
  • Lost Partition Recovery: This unique element searches for boot records of missing or lost partitions.
  • Digital Media Recovery: The software attempts to recover data from SD cards or USB drives.

Getting Smart with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android

MiniTool mobile recovery is another specially designed software for Andriod devices. Using this, you can scan and restore any data from all your Andriod devices.   It works on internal storage and external SD cards. The software will recover documents, contacts, call history, videos, and images of your Andriod device.  MiniTool mobile recovery for Android also supports the recovery of WhatsApp files.

No Money No Problem

Minitool Power Data Recovery offers free 1 GB data recovery.  If you lost data is below 1 GB limit, you could enjoy this software for free.  Moreover, this free version lets users first ascertain the software features before going for the paid version.

One Man Show of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

TheMiniTool Power Data Recovery Software has some unique features to other available software in the market. Certainly, the software is intelligent enough to recover lost data from CDs and DVDs, media memory cards, and iPods. So, you will get benefits from all these features in a single package instead of a particular product.   This unique technology makes MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software stand out from the crowd.

The Ultimate Guide to Recovery Process

The following guide is related to MiniTool Power Data Recovery free edition v 9.0. Check your software version and documentation for installation. Once you have downloaded the software, then click to install. The software will prompt you about the installation destination drive.

Select The drive or folder for recovery file recovery.

The innovative tools included in the software will scan for deleted or lost files. Just select your desired file and recover it.

Using the GUI of software

The user interface gives you multiple options during the recovery procedure, such as:

  • Pause, resume, or stop the recovery process.
  • File recovery percentage with estimated time left.
  • Preview of detected files.
  • Filter option to narrow your search effort.
  • List of found files with their type.
  • File category, i.e., lost, deleted, or raw.

Available packages

The Minitool data recovery is available in three different packages depending on your requirements. Apart from the free version, it is also available for personal and business needs. The personal software package has the following additional features. Moreover, you can also go-ahead for a lifetime plan, which is available at a reasonable price of $99 for Windows or $79 for Mac:

  • The software performs all functions available in the free edition.
  • It overrides the 1GB data limit of the free edition.
  • An additional feature like Load Scan Result is available.
  • Personal Monthly, Personal Yearly, and Personal Ultimate License are available.

On the other hand, data recovery Business meets the specific needs of any business category. It can recover lost or deleted data without damaging the original data. Depending on your business needs, different packages are available. :

Business package details


In a nutshell, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the perfect data recovery program. It is a portable utility that works perfectly for its users. The software helps to recover lost or deleted data on FAT, NTFS partitions. Moreover, It can also recover data from internal hard drive partitions that are corrupted or inaccessible.

The software environment is effortless to use.  The user interface is suitable for all computer users. As a result, the recovery method is also relatively simple.  MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the ultimate solution of its kind. Above all, it’s quite useful in terms of its features and performance, and it can be a real rescuer of all times.

You will find a bunch of software that claims to recover lost data. On the other hand, MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is one step forward to all of them. The software can recover from damaged discs or media storage devices. Restoration of accidental deleted files or formatting drives is just a few clicks away.

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