Computers are the best storage devices which can store varieties of files. It includes either personal or professional data like software, documents, music, videos, audios, movies, etc. You can use the hard drive to separate the files in different drives for the ease of use and maintenance. You should also take some precautionary measures like using updated anti-virus program on the computer, formatting the hard drive to avoid hard drive crashes due to bad sectors, etc.

Losing your files from the computer is a breath taking experience. Specially when you have lots of personal data in it, which can’t be found anywhere else to get it again. You had ignored the hints given by the hard drive before it is going to crash. The hard drive was making some noise due to bad sectors on the physical drive. Because of your negligence, you lost all your files from the hard drive. What if the files are very important that you can’t afford to lose them? If you think of a solution then there is a solution. You may wonder at the thought of recovering your files from hard drive which is possible using file recovery software. Best file recovery tool is one of the recommended recovery tools.

Some of the scenarios in which you may lose files from hard drive:

Empty Recycle Bin: Emptying Recycle Bin speeds up the performance of the computer. You can empty the Recycle Bin by viewing the files and folders in it or by right clicking on the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop. You will lose all the data from the computer. You can recover the files using recovery software. Best file recovery software helps you recover the files easily from the hard drive.

Accidental format: Formatting removes the files from the drive and marks the space of the files as deleted and hence the space can be reused to store new data in it. If you have not taken the backup of the files then you can recover the files from the hard drive using recovery software. Best file recovery software helps you the best to recover files from hard drive.

Re-installation of OS: When you re-install the Operating System, the files on the drive of the computer will be lost. It is recommended to have the backup of the data before re-installation of OS. If you have lost your data due to re-installation and you want those back then you need recovery software. Best file recovery software helps for hard drive file recovery.

File System corruption: The File System may get corrupted due to virus infection, frequent power surges, etc. In such situation, you will lose the access to some of your files on the hard drive or the whole drive may be inaccessible. In that case, you can perform hard drive file recovery using recovery software. Best file recovery software is one of the suggested recovery software.

Advantageous features of best file recovery tool:

The best file recovery software performs hard drive file recovery efficiently. You can retrieve deleted music files, documents, software and other media files using the software. The software has rigorous scanning mechanism to recover files quickly. The software not only recovers files from hard drive but also from other external portable devices. Hence you can restore files from Memory Stick, SD card, SDHC card, CF card, xD card, etc. special memory cards used in different digital devices to store data. You can recover files in any file loss scenarios on hard drive and other storage devices. Deletion, loss or damage of the storage device, etc. loss scenarios demand proper recovery software which is here. You can recover data from corrupted memory card on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP using the software. For more information on best file uneraser for your PC, click here.

Steps for hard drive file recovery using best file recovery software:

  1. Download and install the best file recovery tool on the computer. Run the software and select the appropriate option from the main window based on the file loss scenario as shown below.

  2. Get Back Deleted Folders From Corrupt Memory Card on Windows 7 Computer - Home Screen

    Figure A: Home Screen

  3. Select the hard drive or the logical drive of the hard drive to scan for the lost or deleted files on the hard drive.

  4. Get Back Deleted Folders From Corrupt Memory Card on Windows 7 Computer - Select Memory Card

    Figure B: Select Hard Drive

  5. After scanning the files on the hard drive, the resulted files will be listed on the screen. You can preview those and can save them on the computer.

  6. Get Back Deleted Folders From Corrupt Memory Card on Windows 7 Computer - List of Recovered Files

    Figure C: List of Recovered Files


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